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The Second Edition of Watching Sparrows is finished.  It's been completely remastered from the original film footage and has brand new 3D motion range maps. It's so much better that we encourage anybody with a VHS or First Edition DVD to go for our upgrade deal

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"I would never have thought that a film that focused entirely on North American sparrows could be so delightful." writes Corey on 10000birds
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A new review of "Watching Sparrows" by Grant McCreary on The Birder's Library arrow button


Elizabeth Rosenthal recently reviewed "Watching Sparrows" for "BirdFellow," a great social media site for birdwatchers. Click here to check it out! arrow button
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If you run your mouse over images on this site they'll do something fun.   Be sure to check out our Birdviewer for looks at a variety of birds from finished projects and works-in-progress.

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More NEWS! - "Watching Warblers WEST" is finished!
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We've started an internet program. Little Nature Show features stories of the filming of our DVDs, plus seahorses, Charles Darwin, barnacles, bogsuckers and more!


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