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What is Public Performance?


Our DVDs and videos are sold and licensed for private home viewing only. Copyright law makes it illegal to rent, charge admission, or show the programs in public settings. This is to protect the creators (us, Michael and Judy) who have invested a great deal of time and money to do these videos and DVDs and are hoping to see enough income from them to make more.

However, we want to encourage the showing of our programs to groups, workshops, classes, etc. We want people to see and hear our birds, after all that work filming them.

So we will try to make the licensing process simple and fair.
If you have a budget for your program, class, workshop etc., please include a $50.00 fee for a public performance license.
Send a check to:

Blue Earth Films
P.O. Box 36
Locustville, VA 23404

You can pay this fee when you purchase a DVD or tape, or if you own one already. Include a short note about who is showing the program, to whom, when, where, and how often. Don't worry about exactness. Give us a general idea. You will then be officially licensed for public performance. We will send you a receipt licensing you to use the program for public performance.

The license will be for public performance only. Copying, editing or broadcasting the program in any way require different licenses. Email us if you want to use the program or footage in these ways.

If you have no budget, and want to use one of our programs, then email us. Tell us how you want to use the program to help birds. Short and simple is all we require.  Write BIRDFILMS in your subject line.


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