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▶About the Filmmakers   

Has movies and pictures and some stories about Michael Male and Judy Fieth.


A fun new feature where we present scenes from projects as they are filmed and edited.  

▶A Celebration of Birds 

A film made for the PBS series "Nature," explores some of North America's Birding Hotspots with Roger Tory Peterson.

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▶DVD Upgrade Program   

   "Watching Warblers" and "Watching Sparrows" have been remastered from the original film footage.  If you'd like to exchange your earlier version, visit this page.

How to Order

Instructions for ordering our movies by phone, mail or internet.

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This page explains what copyright law means by "public performance," and will tell you how to get a license easily.

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 ▶Watching Sparrows

Description, preview and reviews of "Watching Sparrows." 

▶Watching Waders

"Watching Waders" reviews, description and preview.

▶Watching Warblers

Information, reviews and a preview of the "Watching Warblers" DVD.

▶Watching Warblers WEST

Information, reviews and a preview of the "Watching Warblers WEST" DVD.

All of our DVDs roll mouse for buttons to the Watching Warblers WEST DVD to the Watching Warblers DVd to the Watching Waders DVD to the Watching Sparrows DVD to Celebration of Birds DVd Click on any of the DVD boxes on the left to go to its page.