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DVD Upgrade Program


The "Watching Warblers,"  and "Watching Sparrows" DVDs have been remastered from the original wide-screen film negative, using progressive-scan high-definition video and they look great on standard TV, HDTV and on computer monitors. If you have a copy of an original DVD or VHS tape, and would like to upgrade to a new version, we're offering an upgrade price of $10.00, with 5.00 shipping for your total order.   Send us your old DVD, without the case, in a regular envelope and we'll send an upgraded version.   If you are upgrading from a VHS, send us the printed cover insert as your proof of purchase.   You can send a check for $15.00 with the old disk, or you can pay online with the button on this page and then send us the old disk when you get the new one.   If you're not satisfied with the upgrade, we'll send you back your old disk and a refund.  If you'd like to email us about this before making a decision, please do!

warblers east dvd

"Watching Warblers" DVD Upgrade.

Watching Sparrows DVd

"Watching Sparrows" DVD Upgrade


Send your old DVD disk or VHS cover insert to: 

Blue Earth Films
P.O. Box 36
Locustville, VA  23404

Return it in a plain envelope with standard postage. No need for any special padding. This is just proof-of-purchase.


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