The Watching Sparrows DVD travels from desert canyons and coastal dunes to Alaskan mountainsides and Arctic tundra to hear the songs and explore the lives of forty-six species of Sparrows, Towhees, Juncos, and Longspurs.

Watching Sparrows DVD

"The 'Watching Sparrows' DVD is awesome. It is just like watching sparrows in the field, only the views are better, the sound is cleaner, and there's someone helpfully explaining what you are watching."

Chris Elphick, Ph.D, Editor and Contributing Author of  "The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior"


"What an outstanding presentation! As someone with a long-standing interest in sparrows, I was blown away by the quality, accuracy, and beauty of your program. You two have an extraordinary talent for capturing the best of birds on stunning video and audio - many of these elusive sparrows have never been filmed even half as well before. I would recommend "Watching Sparrows" to anyone who wants to learn more about birds, anyone who wants to improve their birding skills, or anyone who simply enjoys wonderful footage of nature. Congratulations on a fantastic job!"

Kenn Kaufman, Author of the "Focus Guides", "Kingbird Highway", and "Lives of North American Birds"


"Each species is lovingly shot in frame-filling close-up worthy of a National Geographic or BBC Documentary. I couldn't find one species that had footage that was anything less than excellent."

Andy Birch, (read full review)


"Drab, skulking, secretive – sparrows are usually described thusly. But you’d never know it by viewing Watching Sparrows. If you think of sparrows as Little Brown Jobs, this video guide will shatter that perception.

Grant McCreary on The Birders Library - (read full review)


"Watching Sparrows" is actually my favorite of these very excellent films... There's some super flight footage of singing McCown's Longspurs and a few other extended shots but most of the birds are singing males caught sitting on a twig or stem, pouring out their hearts, often against some of the continent's most scenic backdrops: marshes to mountains, desert to tundra. But the birds come in loud and clear.

Eric Salzman reviewing for the American Birding Association


"Exquisite cinematography and sound reveal the beauty, variety, and uniqueness of a family often undeservedly lumped together as "little brown jobs." Tightly written life history sketches and gorgeously filmed habitats for each species elevate "Watching Sparrows" into the realm of great natural history film-making."

Jerry & Janet Connolly,  Expert Birders, Tour Leaders, and Proprietors of The Audubon Shop in Madison, CT.


Watching Sparrows DVD