The Watching Waders DVD is filled with intimate footage of events in the lives of some of North America’s most fascinating birds - the herons, egrets, spoonbills, ibis, bitterns, and cranes - plus spectacular views of the many and varied wetland habitats where they live.  Click here for links to species and scientists who are featured in the DVD.

Watching Waders DVD

"Watching Waders" takes the mud and mosquitoes out of waders. That is, Fieth and Male endured the mud and mosquitoes so you and I can ogle exquisite footage of America's waders from the comfort of a sofa...The footage of a roseate spoonbill settling on its stick nest or the sequence showing reddish egrets in the colony is worth the price of the tape alone."

Mark Wilson, the Boston Globe


"For any third party, the most spectacular of these films is "Watching Waders"... Most of these waders are big, engaging glamorous lookers and most of them are gregarious if not actually colonial; their proactive love life as well as parenting and feeding take place in open, accessible locations and as a result, we get lots of close-ups of their extraordinary life-style antics. We look in and listen to performances - most especially the birds own vocal accompaniments - that often consist of the most bizarre displays, at once hilarious and touching."

Eric Salzman, reviewing for The American Birding Association


"I strongly recommend "Watching Waders" to everyone with an interest in birds or birding.  It is hard to imagine anyone who would not enjoy this tape strictly for its aesthetics... Much of the footage involves intimate looks at birds courting, mating, nesting, and raising young, treating us to many beautiful views of some gorgeous birds."

Click here to read the entire review of "Watching Waders" written by Michael Hannisian for the New Jersey Audubon Society


I didn't think you could surpass what you did with "Watching Warblers," but you did!  It was just wonderful, both beautiful and engrossing."

Noreen Damude Director of Bird Conservation, Texas Audubon Society


Watching Waders DVD